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How to write a good staff application

Discussion in 'Discussion' started by Kingdan, Apr 3, 2017.

  1. Kingdan

    Kingdan New Member

    Mar 27, 2017
    Hello, I've made this to help out some players who might seek a little help on their application.

    DISCLAIMER: Following the advice on this thread is NOT guaranteed to get your staff application accepted! It is only designed to help YOU to improve your chances of that happening, whether you’re writing your application for the first time, or trying to improve on one you’ve already written.

    An important point before I get started:

    All right, now that I have that out of the way, this is what I’ll be doing here:

    This will have 2 parts:

    In part one I will give general tips, suggestions, and pointers for writing an application, or to improve on one you’ve already written.

    Please make sure you read the first part before moving on to the second

    Part 1: Useful tips:

    (1)Spell and grammar check your application before you submit it
    (2)Don’t write it at the last minute. Take your time and work on it over several days.
    (3) Make sure to use the template that AceTrimble has provided,
    (4)Be careful you don’t exceed the Forum’s Word/Character limits
    (5)Even if a staff position isn’t a paid one, you are still applying for a job. Take the application seriously.
    (6)Length: There is no specific length your application needs to be. However: if it’s less than 1,000 or so words, you should probably go back and expand on some points.
    This might sound like a lot, but if you follow the suggestions in part 2, it won’t be that difficult to reach a higher word count.
    (7)Once your app is done, ask a friend to check it over for you and make suggestions. please don’t bug staff to read it for you.
    Be HONEST. Staff checks into the things you put on your application, so just be honest. Lying on it will just get it rejected.
    (8)Break your application into paragraphs
    (9)Make sure you’re writing your own application. If you copy someone else’s or get someone else to write it for you, then you’re submitting THEIR application, not yours. It’s best that it comes from YOU and you’re not starting things out with the bad impression an application not made by you can give.

    Key Points

    Alright now to the key points

    We're looking to hire players who are efficient and are willing to do as they say in their application.

    Bold- When you write an application, make sure to bold the questions, because it makes it look better and makes us think that you took time to make sure it looks good.

    - IGN (In Game Name): Notch

    - Age: 15
    Looks better than,

    -IGN (In Game name):

    -Age: 15

    (Also that's not the real format, I just cut out 2 questions)

    Space- Make sure to space out your application, So it's easier to read.

    Like this:

    - IGN (In Game Name): Notch

    - Age: 15

    -Why you want to be staff:


    Instead of this:

    - IGN (In Game Name): Notch
    - Age: 15
    -Why you want to be staff: cause im good
    -details: idk

    Grammar/Spelling If you're a person who might have trouble with capitalization, spelling, grammar etc, I recommend you download Grammarly, Which is a very helpful google extension/app that all you have to do is copy your application, paste it in, and it shows all the errors you have.

    DL link-,d.eWE

    Once the application is submitted:

    Be PATIENT. Please don’t bug the staff about your app.

    Don’t give up! If you’ve been denied, or are denied in the future, it doesn’t mean that your chances are gone.

    By the way: Spelling and Grammar check is a thing! It's very helpful.

    Part 2:

    Writing or improving your Application:

    Note: Please do not copy what I say word for word.These are just suggestions on improving your application.

    IGN (In Game Name): (For those who don't know, this is your current name in the game) Put in your ign, Putting in past igns is helpful to know. Which you can find here >>>>


    -On what server do you want to apply?(Space or Earth)

    - Timezone: self-explanatory

    - Country: self-explanatory

    - Do you have a mic?: self-explanatory

    - Do you have Discord, Skype or Teamspeak?: If you have them, Do not list your usernames, You can pm an admin.

    - How many hours can you put in the server per week: Please make sure you’re able/willing to commit to at LEAST as much time as you say here. It’s perfectly fine if you can do MORE, but make sure you don’t list more than you are certain you can dedicate.

    - Any previous punishments on ElementalRealms?: BE HONEST HERE! Lying will likely get you rejected. That being said, having had punishments in the past isn’t an immediate disqualifier.

    - Any past experiences in being a staff member: Go in detail, Name the servers you've been staff on, what ranks, etc.

    - Why do you want to become staff?: OMG I WANNA MEET M0DEST!Or I WANT TO BE OP’d, then you really should reconsider applying. Be honest, explain.

    Who or what inspired you to apply for a position as a staff member

    What is it about Elemental that makes you want to help

    Are you ready to commit a lot of time and effort into being a staff member?

    - Why should we accept you as staff?: Explain why we should accept you over other applicants.

    - Can you record when it is needed?: Self explanatory

    - Additional Information: Add in information you'd like to (You're allowed to skip this one)
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  2. Hinedere

    Hinedere Member

    Mar 24, 2017
    Nice, this will help alot of people !
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  3. YuanStar123

    YuanStar123 New Member

    Apr 2, 2017
    This is very helpful, thanks for putting your time into this!
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  4. xxSkillz4Dayz

    xxSkillz4Dayz Member

    Mar 22, 2017
    I'd like to add on to this.. may I have permission to? By the way folks this isn't official this is just something Dan made to help people out.
  5. Morecho

    Morecho New Member

    Mar 25, 2017
    This is very good idea, i also used it on my helper application, big THANKS!
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