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Helper Application

Discussion in 'Helper Applications' started by BloodyVapes, May 2, 2017.

  1. BloodyVapes

    BloodyVapes New Member

    May 2, 2017
    - IGN (In Game Name):


    - Age:


    - On what server do you want to apply? (Space or Earth)


    - Timezone:


    - Country:

    United States

    - Do you have a mic?:


    - Do you have Discord, Skype or Teamspeak?:


    - How many hours can you put in the server per week:


    - Any previous punishments on ElementalRealms?:


    - Any past experiences in being a staff member:


    - Why do you want to become staff?:

    I would like to become a Helper of this server because I love watching people have fun meeting new friends and just having fun but... There are bad sides to this... There are hackers. So I think that I have what it takes to become a Moderator and get rid of spammers, hackers and people who just make the server an un-pleasent place to be I believe I can fix this. I am on minecraft a lot because I am a no-life I am on this server a lot too. I am fully dedicated 24/7 to helping this server to grow even bigger and be the positively best server ever (which it already is).

    - Why should we accept you as staff?:

    I love this server and as per 'Why do you want to become a Helper' I would like to help the server to its better being and I want to serve as a Helper to give my fellow players/Community a good time. I would also like to help in anything the Staff members would like me to do. I want this chance to prove my loyalty and love to this server. You should also choose me as a Helper as I want to care for the needs of the server as well as the the website of which I like to stay active on, e.g. replying to people that have mentioned me. I have also started giving tips to other players on Building techniques to help them have a more enjoyable and less frustrating experience

    - Can you record when it is needed?:


    - Additional Information:

  2. Morgan KitCat42

    Morgan KitCat42 New Member

    Apr 27, 2017