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  1. MelodyManiac
  2. Jackson9428
  3. Jackson9428
    Jackson9428 BloodyVapes
    lol luv ur profile pic!
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  4. Half Empty
    Half Empty
    I'm a chicken.
  5. Dabomb0186
    Dabomb0186 admin
    Help space op is lagging soo bad no one can pick up any item and at this point items are glitch throw blocks
  6. sofiahana
    Ordered a pizza but was abit cold so got another for free :D
  7. Pippeey
    Hi there!
  8. Andreas
    I have proff of 2 guys hacking and tp into Our base of nowear, and ruin everyting and kill`s all of uss whit good stuff i got video fotague
  9. xxSkillz4Dayz
  10. sofiahana
    Been ill for the past 2 days and have to go to a meeting and birthday tomorrow...I'm not ready for this
    1. Hinedere
      oh rip :(
      Apr 6, 2017
    2. sofiahana
      I woke up late and missed the meeting not sure if I'll get in trouble or not
      Apr 6, 2017
  11. YuanStar123
    Switched my name to EnforcerPvP, sorry for the trouble.
  12. Hinedere
    Hinedere sofiahana
    make Crapes
  13. Hinedere
    One of many humans lost in a fantasy.
  14. Oliviaax
  15. juggalo263nine
    juggalo263nine arnofrutos
  16. juggalo263nine
    juggalo263nine admin
  17. ImFuryzx
    Applying for Helper on Elemental Realms Space! Wish me Luck!
    1. xxSkillz4Dayz
      Good luck... a little attention hoggish but whatever, good luck.
      Apr 2, 2017
  18. sofiahana
    Need ideas for meals for dinner trying to homecook more, any ideas?
    1. xxSkillz4Dayz
      Spaghetti and meatballs is my favorite.
      Apr 1, 2017
    2. Zyz
      Pancakes ;)
      Apr 2, 2017
  19. NicolasVO
    NicolasVO xxSkillz4Dayz
    I see you are active alot on the forums , Could you maybe ask higher staff if you can do the report players section?

    And like ban the people that are clearly hacking?
    1. xxSkillz4Dayz
      I'm a helper so no.
      Mar 31, 2017
  20. xxSkillz4Dayz
    xxSkillz4Dayz NicolasVO
    ... you just joined the server... Ugh please be yourself people who reply on everything just copying what I say annoy me so much.
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    2. NicolasVO
      Looool , Don't be so jealous please?
      Trying to help people out!
      HERE SINCE DAY 1.....

      Here 8 hours a day!!!!

      By the way , Ur not the only one that may reply to people posts...
      And i'm myself ...
      Mar 31, 2017